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It’s a good idea to wake up your A/C from winter hibernation and give it a test run. By performing light maintenance before the high cooling demand of summer arrives, you can spot A/C system repair problems early and avoid being without home cooling later.

Signs of A/C System Repair

Central Air Conditioning systems rely on free airflow, clean components and all parts working in sync to provide energy-efficient and comfortable cooling. A seemingly minor problem, such as a dirty air filter, can derail the entire cooling process. Other than simple filter changes, the following A/C problems require the attention of your HVAC technician:

  • Unusual noises: Unusual A/C noises that signal a possible repair are a groaning compressor, clicking relays, a grinding blower motor and rattling ducts. 
  • Poor cooling: If airflow from the vents isn’t cool, the evaporator coil may have ice accumulation or excessive debris. Anything blocking airflow from the cold evaporator coil effectively blocks cooling.
  • Weak or unbalanced airflow: Weak airflow at all supply registers indicates a dirty filter. Weak airflow at one or more supply registers indicates obstructions or leaks in some of the duct branches.
  • Odors: Musty odors are caused by mold and mildew on the evaporator coil. Other odors could be the result of vermin waste or decay. Duct holes and fallen joints allow vermin access inside the ductwork.
  • Thermostat malfunction: Improperly connected wires, loose wires or just a broken thermostat means you have no means to control A/C operation. 
  • Ice accumulation: Ice accumulation on the evaporator coil is indicative of poor airflow from a dirty filter, worn electrical contacts and low refrigerant, which means you have a leak in the lines or coils.
  • Frequent starts/stops: A substantial airflow blockage, such as a clogged air filter, can cause the A/C to overheat and shut down. It quickly cools and restarts, only to repeat this cycle. Additionally, an over-sized A/C will frequently start/stop

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