When a plumbing emergency strikes, will you be ready? The consequence of a pipe rupture or a drain backup can cause severe water damage and every minute will count. We suggest having  24-hour contact information for a local plumber available and take these steps immediately  if a plumbing emergency strikes:

Shut Off the Water

Know where and how to do this before a plumbing emergency. Every adult in the house should be familiar with the location of the main shutoff valve and any tools required to close it. Test the valve once a year for trouble-free operation and contact a plumber if it’s difficult to operate.

Turn Off the Water Heater

Don’t allow the water heater to remain on if you shut off the main water valve. On a gas water heater, rotate the gas valve setting to “Off.” On an electric heater, turn off the power at the switch or at the main circuit breaker panel.

Drain Outdoor Faucets

Even after the main shutoff is closed, residual water in the system may be substantial and continue to leak through a ruptured pipe. You can more thoroughly empty the system by opening outdoor faucets and leaving them open to allow water to drain out. Be sure to tell the plumber the faucets are open.

Be Aware of Isolation Valves

Many individual fixtures such as sink faucets and toilets have individual water shutoff valves. A malfunction such as a toilet clog, leaking joint or ruptured supply tube may be managed by turning off the water to the individual fixture rather than the whole house. Know which fixtures have isolation valves and where they’re located.

All Elements offers 24/7 Emergency Service. If a plumbing or heating emergency strikes contact us to have a skilled professional complete your repair.

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